Quatrain I
Quatrain III
Quatrain V
Quatrain IX
Quatrain XI
Quatrain XIII
Quatrain XV
Quatrain VII
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Quatrain XVII
Quatrain XIX
Quatrain XXI
Quatrain XXVII
Quatrain XXV
Quatrain XXIX
Quatrain XXXI
Quatrain XXXIII
Quatrain XXXV
Quatrain XXXVII
Quatrain XXXIX
Quatrain XLI
Quatrain XLIII
Quatrain XLV
Quatrain XLVII
Quatrain XLIX
Quatrain LI
Quatrain LIII
Quatrain LV
Quatrain LVII
Quatrain LIX
Quatrain LXI
Quatrain LXIII
Quatrain LXV
Quatrain LXVII
Quatrain LXIX
Quatrain LXXI
Quatrain LXXIII
Quatrain LXXV

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